André Bakoš, Swedish artist,

Creates mesmerizing abstract paintings using a colorful pointillist-like technique of dabs or dots of paint applied to the canvas in an intensely layered fashion unique to him. As a result of this application, the colors seem to undulate as both independent entities in the composition as well as a powerful gestalt. The depth present in the works serves to invite the viewer deep into the picture plane. Suggesting anything from dense fauna to cosmic radiation to the night sky, Bakoš creates abstract art specifically to capture the eye and soul of the viewer and allow them to let their fantasies out within the dense paint upon the canvas. His paintings are as infinite as the unexplored and incomprehensible universe.

Bakoš has embodied the romantic ideal of the starving artist working out of passion, for better or for worse. In 2010, feeling at the end of his rope, he sold all of his possessions and bought a one-way ticket to New York. As soon as he took his first steps into Manhattan and experienced the lights, sounds, and raw energy that is New York City, something came alive inside him, and his passion for life was rekindled. Though it took two more years for him to lay brush to canvas, it was in those first moments that his creative spark became what it is today.  Bakoš currently resides in France.

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